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13 March 2011 @ 08:28 am
Merry March-Mas!  
 Fiction fo yooou.


Title: Monsooning
Rating: T (for mentions of condoms, underwear, and making out! Woot!)
Pairing: ShikaSaku, silly duckies.
Summary: Shikamaru and Sakura spend a little quality time indoors hiding from the monsoon outside....among other things.



Sakura sighed. Her fingers fiddled with the No. 2 pencil she had finished using half an hour ago. She still had two hours until they were dismissed from this stupid exam. She hated test days like this. You have a time limit to finish you exam and if you’re lucky enough to get done before time is up you get the privilege of going over your answers. Joy.

But you couldn’t leave until you were dismissed. More joy.

Damn these village sanctioned exams. Every damnable year a randomly selected group of jounin and higher ranked shinobi were forced to sit through an entire week of exams. The subjects covered everything they had learned throughout the years. Hell, Sakura was sure that one of the questions pertained to a lesson she had been taught pre-Academy, having absolutely nothing to do with being a ninja. The sad thing was a majority of the exams were multiple choice and completely based on common sense, but somehow more than half of the selected group would fail almost every year.

Sakura sighed once again. She had already perused her answers twice, changed none, and was confident that her test was perfect. She glanced around the room once again, taking in the other lucky shinobi. Her genin sensei, Kakashi, was sitting towards the front (not by choice) and hadn’t even touched the packet of questions, his nose was in his dirty book per usual. A couple of older nin were cheating off of each other as stealthily as they possibly could, which happened to be fairly obvious to anyone paying attention. She glanced up at the front of the standard Academy classroom to where Iruka was unprofessionally slumped over his desk, asleep. No one was paying attention; she could probably just slip out of here if she wanted.

Hell, she could probably strip down and do her Orochimaru impression while dancing around a fire in the front of the room and no one would notice.

She turned her eyes to the windows and noted sourly that it was raining outside. Although, on second thought, raining might not have been the most accurate way to describe the state of outside. It was monsooning outside.

Yes, monsooning. That is what standardized testing does to the brain.

But Sakura was fairly certain that she would be perfectly okay facing a monsoon as opposed to facing two more hours of doing nothing. She sat the pencil down and stood from her chair. Kakashi turned and gave her a look which she shrugged off and waved with a happy little smile and moved quietly out the door.

Surprise, surprise. No one noticed.

Sakura was thinking about visiting the bakery down the street from her apartment complex when the acrid smell of smoke invaded her nose. She sharply turned her head and found Shikamaru to be the cause of this.

“Shikamaru, you can’t smoke in the Academy building,” Sakura hissed at the genius.

“Hello to you as well, Sakura,” Shikamaru ignored her statement and greeted her dryly.

“If you’re going to kill yourself with those, at least do it where it doesn’t bother other people,” Sakura snapped at the man.

“Oh yes, because I’m really going to out into this downpour to smoke. That would be troublesome,” Shikamaru took another drag of his cigarette.
‘Downpour. That’s so much better than monsooning,’ Sakura mused to herself.

“Yeah, yeah. Everything seems to be troublesome to you,” Sakura mutter as she brushed past the man towards the exit. She would bear the downpour to get the hell away from that exam, so he could damn well do it for a smoke, but she wouldn’t push it. Sakura’s mind was too focused on a slice of the heavenly cherry cheesecake at the bakery she had entertained stopping at. The moment she stepped out into the rain she was soaked and she rethought her musings. Monsooning was a much more accurate description than downpour.

Shikamaru was right beside her a second later.

“You wouldn’t leave the building to smoke, but you will to bother me?” she asked incredulously, he shrugged.

“The rain would have doused the cigarette and I have to exit the building to leave, don’t I?” Shikamaru drawled as though talking to a child.

Sakura glared and began stomping away from the man. After stomping a few steps her footfalls changed to light steps skirting around deep puddles. Stomping had soaked the bottom of her shirt, although she was pretty sure it was already soaked before she decided to stomp around in the nearly flooded street. Shikamaru followed behind her strolling casually along, she ignored him the best that she could. He was still only feet behind her as she neared the bakery. The moment she was under the safety of the red and white awning she whirled around and glared at him.

“Will you stop following me?” she asked as evenly as she could manage. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“Chouji wanted me to stop and pick up his cookies before I headed back to our apartment. This,” he motioned to the bakery, “Just so happens to be the closest bakery to the Academy. I’m not following you, Sakura”

“Oh.” She felt sheepish and a light blush stained her cheeks.

“Although following you home in this monsoon might be wiser. Your apartments only a block away, mine’s on the other side of Konoha.”

“You’re so lazy, Shikamaru,” Sakura sighed for the third time in ten minutes. Despite being lazy, Shikamaru gripped the handle of the door and pulled it open motioning for Sakura to enter. She blushed again, “Thanks.”

The two of them placed their orders at the counter and waited in silence for them to be filled. Both armed with plastic bags covering the bakery containers they opened the door and stepped back out into the onslaught of rain and wind.

“I wasn’t serious about following you to your place you know,” it was Shikamaru’s turn to be sheepish as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“It’s fine. You can wait it out there if you like. I don’t like being alone during storms like this anyways, so I suppose your company would be appreciated,” Sakura smiled lightly at the man. He nodded, unable to meet her eye. The two set off back into the worst of the torrents of water falling from the sky yet. The two walked in a comfortable silence, almost unbothered by the storm around them. It was warm out and the precipitation itself was just a little cooler than the wind. Sakura was thankful that there was no hail mixed in this time.

The two continued at a casual pace reaching Sakura’s apartment complex faster than Shikamaru had really wanted. He held her pasties as she unlocked the entrance into the lobby of the complex. He continued to carry the bag as he carefully inspected the building. It was much nicer than his and Chouji’s apartment building, but it probably cost quite a bit more as well. Sakura lived alone though so she obviously footed the bill herself with no help from a roommate, but Shikamaru imagined the difference in their salaries. She was the most sought after medic nin in all of the countries and her recent track record as a combatant had become fairly impressive. Team Seven rarely took missions together, but then they did they tended to gravitate towards the highest bracket of danger. Danger in the shinobi world went hand in hand with money.

Sakura led her companion up to the fourth floor and to the very end on the right was her apartment. 4D, was placed on the door in polished brass. Shikamaru reaffirmed his previous conclusion; her place was much more expensive.

She unlocked the door and entered first to disable the traps she had set. She grinned sheepishly and looked around.

“Sorry, Naruto has a spare key to the lobby and my apartment. Kakashi insisted I give them one after I slept in during practice three days in a week. Now he thinks he can barge in here anytime he’d like,” Sakura explained as he walked in, noting the disabled traps.

“It’s nothing out of the ordinary, Sakura. Most ninja have traps set up, even in the safest of locations. Besides, it’s good to keep Naruto on his toes,” Shikamaru smirked at the amusing thought.

“Right, well. Come in, make yourself at home and all of that. I’m not really used to having company other than the boys and they’re not even really company anymore,” Sakura grumbled. Sakura slipped off her wet sandals, a movement copied by Shikamaru, and moved to sit in one of her overstuffed chairs. Shikamaru sat across from her on the matching couch

“How’s that?” Shikamaru was curious as to what she meant.

“They’ve become leeches. The come in when I’m not home, eat my food, use my amenities, and snoop through my things simply because they’re too lazy to buy groceries themselves,” Sakura snorted, “Or too self-absorbed to get their own lives instead of controlling mine.”

“How do they control your life, Sakura? You’ve trained under the Godaime and are a renowned medic throughout the countries,” Shikamaru deadpanned, “How do three men control someone like that?”

“Luckily they’re smart enough to realize that they can’t control me,” Sakura laughed, “But there are other ways of pushing my life the way they want it to go.”

“You’re talking in circles, Sakura. Stop being troublesome and give me an real answer.”

“It’s hard to explain. Let me attempt an example instead,” Sakura scrunched her nose, she never imagined she’d be talking to Ino’s teammate about this kind of thing, “Men. The three of them don’t let me date—“

“You just said they don’t—“

“Control me? No, they don’t. It’s more that they affect the people I associate with.”

“So they go after your dates?” Shikamaru was secretly very familiar with this tactic, Ino was his teammate after all.

“Scared them shitless, more like it,” Sakura laughed.

“Unsurprising. Any of them ninja?”

“A few. All of them apparently just talked big though. The moment they encountered any of my teammates they tended to head for the hills,” Sakura smiled at the memories. She had been angry each time, but now the reaction of her many dates were more than funny.

“Any make it past the initial meeting?” Shikamaru was genuinely interested and it was much easier to alleviate the awkwardness of being here by engaging the pink haired kuniochi in conversation.

“Some of the civilians,” Sakura giggled at the thought, “The boys felt that they had to pull out all the stops when this happened though.”
“None made it through the first date, huh?” Shikamaru wasn’t surprised. Her team did seem to be the jealous type and there were only a select number of people that would probably be allowed to date the girl without it bothering them…too much. Namely this group consisted of…well them.

“Unfortunately, no. Although if anyone had I doubt they would have asked me on a second date with my crazy teammates on the loose,” Sakura didn’t seem too off put by it though.

“Have you even tried to talk to them?” Shikamaru was slightly skeptical to the situation. Sakura generally didn’t take shit from anyone…

“Of course I have! I’ve talked, threatened, cried, yelled, blamed them for the world’s problems, and even gave them the silent treatment for a month solid,” Sakura scoffed finally opening her box of pastries and nibbling on apple tart she had been unable to resist. “I’ve even told Shishou and she threatened them for me! Nothing works on them.

“I’m glad my teammates aren’t as troublesome as yours,” Shikamaru eyed the tart she was currently eating. He hadn’t eaten since
dinner last night with Chouji and when you eat with him, you can’t just pick at your food until you’re ready to ingest it. Shikamaru tended to have that problem.

“You’re a guy, so that’s probably why,” Sakura sighed, it had become the bad habit of the day apparently. She noticed the way he was practically ogling and drooling over the tart in her hand. She kind of wished someone would look at her like that.

Oh yes, she was getting desperate. She had practically admitted that she was jealous of an apple tart, albeit a delectable apple tart. She offered the open box to Shikamaru. He nodded to her and chose one of the strawberry tarts. He bit into it and savored the texture of the crust that counterbalanced the tart strawberry filling perfectly. It made him wonder if Ino was right, that Chouji’s descriptive nature of food he ate was rubbing off on him.

“Thanks,” Shikamaru said after he had finished the treat after two large bites, “I didn’t have breakfast this morning.”

“You of all people should know,” Sakura tsked jokingly, “As much as I harp at you to be healthier, especially if you insist on smoking those cancer sticks.”

“One of these days I promise I’ll listen,” Shikamaru held three fingers on his right hand up for her to see. She genuinely laughed at this.

“I’ll hold you to that, Nara,” she shot back still chuckling.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from you,” he stated dryly.

“Until then, why don’t I cook something? As you physician you should eat at least three square meals a day,” Sakura stood hands on her hips, “I can’t let you wither away and ruin my reputation, now can I?”

“Troublesome woman,” Shikamaru’s tone let her know that he wasn’t serious in the least as he followed her into the kitchen. He sat on one of the bar stool at the island in the middle of the spacious kitchen as she dug through the fridge.

“It seems as though I’ve been raided once again,” Sakura groaned from inside the fridge. “It looks like we have to choose from is instant ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.”

“Ramen’s better than nothing,” Shikamaru shrugged, “It’s a miracle that there’s ramen left at all in your kitchen.”

“Naruto probably wasn’t part of the raid this time then. More than likely it was Kakashi and Sasuke snooping around, deciding they were hungry at some point in time,” Sakura clarified as she put water on the stove for his ramen, “They do it all the time.”

“How was Kakashi here when he was testing with us today?” Shikamaru asked the question he immediately answered to himself.

“He’s been using a clone all week. Iruka has been enjoying his turn as examiner far too much to notice. I’ve busted him here twice this week already,” Sakura came up with the same answer Shikamaru had in mind.

“Have they ever found anything incriminating while going through your stuff?” Shikamaru couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t every day that Sakura would talk about stuff like this. Even her mentioning it to Ino was rare. Sakura paused from struggling to spread cold grape jelly on a slice of bread to ponder the question.

“Incriminating? No, not really. I learned to hide my diary back in the early days of Team Seven, I’ve gotten quite good at it so they haven’t stumbled upon it to my knowledge. I remember one time I came home and they were going through my underwear drawer, it was only a little bit embarrassing. That is until Naruto and Sasuke held up a few of the pieces Ino bought me for Christmas and my birthday and demanded who they were worn for, that just made the situation laughable. Seriously though, maybe you should steer her away from lingerie for my birthday this year,” Sakura laughed at the memory of Sai and Kakashi digging interestedly while Naruto and Sasuke demanded answers.

“She buys you lingerie?”

“Yeah, she thinks it’ll get me laid or something. Of course, Sasuke and Kakashi stumbled up and confiscated the box of condoms she got me with my Christmas gift this past year,” Sakura’s voice was a little miffed, “They didn’t really question me too much though, the box was unopened so they couldn’t say much.”

“Ino buys you condoms too?” Shikamaru was staring at the petite kuniochi as though she were insane, “If your teammates find out she’s the one that’s supplying you with what they consider contraband they’ll fillet her like a fish.”

“Or they’ll ask to watch,” Sakura chuckled, joking entirely. This didn’t stop Shikamaru from staring at her with widened eyes. She brushed it off and poured the boiling water into the cup of ramen. “I guess you’ll have to protect her or something then.”

“What a drag,” he sighed recovering from his staring fit. “But if it keeps her alive.”

“Thatta boy!” She sat the steaming ramen in front of him and handed him a pair of chopsticks before sitting a diagonally cut PB&J sandwich on a plate catercorner from him. She moved to grab to bottles of water out of the fridge, handing him one, before sitting down.

“Itadakimasu,” the two murmured from force of habit and began to eat.

“So if you’re going to stand up to my boys to defend Ino, do you think you can talk some courage into some of my dates?” Sakura asked between bites of her sandwich.

“I highly doubt I can convince someone to raise their chances of being murdered,” Shikamaru replied thoughtfully. “It would make their death on our hands and I don’t think either of us wants that.”

“Well I suppose I’ll just have to date you then, huh?” Sakura laughed at her own joke.

“Eh, this could be considered a first date technically,” Shikamaru shrugged, a smile playing on his lips as he continued the joke, “Maybe not the best date by some people’s standards, but there’s been no sign of your jealous teammates which is a good thing for every male in the vicinity.”

“Just because it wouldn’t be up to Ino’s glitzy idea of a good date doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good date for someone like me. It’s actually more personal and intimate this way,” Sakura stated honestly, “Who knows, maybe the boys not scaring my interests before the first date—”

“Or during,” Shikamaru added.

“Would throw them off completely,” Sakura finished, her eyes lit up with schemes.

“If the guy liked you enough that is,” Shikamaru interjected to calm her scheming mind.

“Or if they were brave enough to stand up to Team Seven,” Sakura’s eyes still held the devious sparkle.

“The second is gonna be a tough one, you know,” Shikamaru finished his ramen and moved to toss out the Styrofoam container.

“Not if they know the boys won’t hurt them without provocation.”

“And who exactly would be an exception to being hurt without provocation?” Shikamaru scoffed.

“A majority of our friends,” Sakura grinned slyly.

“Naruto is not going to let you date Lee,” Shikamaru said flatly.

“They would disown me before I could ever date Lee, Shikamaru,” Sakura agreed, “I probably wouldn’t date Lee anyways. I mean, he’s sweet and he’s not as awkward as he used to be. I suppose that the whole ‘youthful’ crap can be endearing once you get used to it…”

“Ino told me that he was involved with Tenten,” Shikamaru quickly crushed that idea.

“Damn. Back to the drawing board,” Sakura pouted looking out the window. The monsoon had lightened up significantly, now only coming down in a light drizzle.

“I had better get those cookies to Chouji before he goes on a rampage,” Shikamaru gathered the pasties he left on the coffee table.

“Yeah, I suppose since it stopped monsooning out there you’ll survive the walk home,” Sakura’s eyes were still on the window.

“Sakura, ‘monsooning’ isn’t a word.”

“I know, but it described the weather perfectly today,” her eyes were still staring at something through the window.

“Well, ah, thanks for the ramen and letting me hang out here until the storm lightened.”

“Anytime, Shikamaru. It was nice having a semi-intelligent conversation about my problems for once,” she shook her head and forced herself to turn away from the window. She met Shikamaru’s eye with a smile.

“Well, I’ll see you around then?”

“Yeah, maybe we can have lunch sometime,” Sakura mused, but doubted the two sets of eyes on the roof of the neighboring building would allow it.

“…They’re outside, aren’t they?” Shikamaru groaned.

“Sorry,” she smiled apologetically.

“We might as well go with it then.”

“Go with what?” Sakura feigned slight confusion.

“Our first date, Sakura. Was it acceptable?” Shikamaru stepped into the sight of the boys spying on them. He brushed a lock of her slightly curling hair out of her face.

“What are you doing?” she hissed, glancing at the window out of the corner of her eye.

“If I’m going to get jumped, it might as well be for something good,” Shikamaru replied in a low tone that made her heart beat a little faster.

“So the date wasn’t satisfactory then?” Shikamaru asked again, moving a little closer to the blushing girl.

“No, it was far above expectations,” she almost whispered, leaning forward as bent in.

“Good,” Shikamaru breathed out as his lips descended onto hers.

Her lips were soft and plump, making him want to bring the small woman closer. He did just that by placing one hand on the small of her back and pulling her gently until she was flush against his body. She moaned softly when her soft curves met the hard lines of his. He took advantage of the slight parting of her lips to bite down slightly on her bottom lip and running his tongue over it soothingly when she gasped. She tasted sweet and creamy reminiscent of the sweet meat she had just had.

Her hand moved sensually up his chest finally resting at the back of his neck. She used this leverage to pull him deeper into the kiss; making the first move to initiate more by running her tongue along his bottom lip slowly. He smirked as he parted his mouth slightly giving her access and gaining access of his own. Where she tasted sweet, he tasted salty and utterly savory. She pushed him back until his thighs met the top edge of the couch. He leaned against it as he picked her up, her legs wrapping around his narrow hips. His lips left hers and he began a trail from her neck to the last bit of bared shoulder, lavishing each bit of it with kissed, licks, and tender biting. Shikamaru’s hand had crept under the hem of Sakura’s shirt where it pressed into the middle of her back holding her upright while he continued enjoying the mewls and whimpers that she emitted while he ravished her neck.

Shikamaru vaguely registered hearing a key turn in the front door to the apartment, but he didn’t stop his ministrations. This Sakura was too hard to turn away from. His lips met hers one last time in a chaste, promising kiss before the door was slammed open to reveal a malicious Team Seven.

“Naruto! I think you cracked the wall again!” Sakura admonished the blonde demon container as Shikamaru carefully placed her back on the floor. Naruto growled and kept his eyes trained on Shikamaru

“Sakura-chan, why is Nara Shikamaru in your apartment?” Kakashi’s voice was calm despite the face he was probably radiating the most killer intent.

“Oh he walked me home in the monsoon,” Sakura shrugged as if it were nothing important enough to be mentioned.

“Do you kiss everyone that walks you home in a little rain like that, Sakura?” Sasuke asked flatly, anger evident in his voice.

“Of course not! What kind of girl do you think I am?” Sakura feigned anger glaring at her boys.

“A good one,” Kakashi’s meaningful glare was filled with daggers.

“But why were you kissing him, Sakura-chan?” Naruto had pulled out his pout and sad eyes that almost always worked on an angry Sakura.

“That’s what you do at the end of a date, Naruto-baka!” Sakura cheerily announced as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

The three’s murderous intent disappeared into a fit of confusion on their faces. Sakura shot Shikamaru a look that translated into ‘run now why they’re distracts! Run, you fool!’

“Well I had better go then Sakura,” Shikamaru kissed her cheek lightly and cleared his throat. “I’ll, uh, pick you up for our second date tomorrow at...?”

“Seven,” she supplied happily as her boys stared dumbstruck at their female member. She gave Shikamaru a light push to get him moving, but it wasn’t hard to motivate him to get out of an apartment with three angry, powerful men in it. Shikamaru took the elevator down instead of the stairs. By the time he reached the lobby he could already hear the outraged yells of Naruto and Sakura battling it out.

As he let himself back out into the dying downpour, he hoped that Sakura won. She did say she didn’t like to sit out storms by herself. Hell, even if she lost the argument tonight maybe it would be monsooning tomorrow as well.

That was fun for me. Heh.
And concerning the word ‘catercorner’ it is the correct way to say diagonal.
Kitty corner or catty-corner are just bastardizations of the word.
And ‘monsooning’ isn’t a word whatsoever. So I suppose it’s now a bastardization of ‘monsoon.’ Oh vocabulary, you make life you fun.
Everyone loves the lazy genius and scary smart woman combo. It’s the sex


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